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Whether it is Pennsylvania Dutch cooking from Pennsylvania, Italian foods from the regions of Italy, German foods from relatives that we found in Germany, Austrian, Dutch, French, English, Scottish, Irish, Mexican, Canadian, Caribbean cuisine or recipes that we found and developed during our treks across 50 states, you will find great tasting food recipes in this cookbook.

We found on our trips back to Germany that many of the foods served in Germany are very similar to what our parents and grandparents have cooked for us through the years.  Even though the majority of our ancestors came to America from Germany over 200 years ago, there has been a continuity in passing down recipes.  Recipes with the sweet and sour sauces, the noodles, spatzle and pot pie dishes are almost identical.  Recipes very indigenous to central Pennsylvania are also regionalized in Germany. 

We have preserved many of these recipes in this cookbook.  Pennsylvania Dutch cooking and living remains alive and well.  The food is excellent just like our German cousins prepare.

Our farm recipes, our recipes from city living and our travel recipes will  certainly give you a vast array of great tasting foods.

Sandy and Rich Allison's Award Winning Pulled Pork Sandwiches

1st Place National Honey Board

"Honey of a BBQ Tailgating Contest"

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